Martin a successful entrepreneur, landlord, real estate note investor & mentor.

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If you’re stuck in the corporate rut, and a quick exit strategy hasn’t presented itself yet, know that while there may not be a “quick” exit strategy, there most definitely is one if you play the game right. Enter Martin’s world of real estate note investing where deal flow is the real king—not cash or cash flow. And, if you learn how to buy and profit from distressed mortgage notes, it can create long term streams of income.


Martin is a successful entrepreneur, landlord, real estate note investor, mentor, and the author of several books that continue to sell numerous copies on Amazon today. Enter Note Investing Fundamentals to complete the equation.


You may be new to note investing and full of passion and the belief that you will succeed—or you may be a seasoned note investor who’s growing stale through a lack of evolvement. This book is for you. If you hit note investing hard, as though your life depends on it, you will prosper in this industry. Make no mistake, however. It won’t always be easy.


Long ago are the days when you could be successful in buying notes as a sole operation. In Note Investing Fundamentals, you will be asked to relentlessly self-reflect, dig deeper than you ever have before, and uncover your strengths and weaknesses. You will learn to develop an identity all your own in the note space, place the right system of controls around your business, do your due diligence, conduct peer outreach, compensate for your weaknesses, and match your strengths with strategic partnerships.


Just remember, procrastination will kill your note business. Pick up a copy of Note Investing Fundamentals today and get started building a portfolio of cash flowing notes for yourself.