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I have FREEDOM. I have freedom from living paycheck to paycheck and more importantly, I have freedom of time. My wife has the freedom to stay at home and homeschool our four children. I haven’t worked for a paycheck in over 15 years and we live very comfortably off our cash flow. I’m not bragging. I’m sharing my story because I have a passion for helping others obtain the same freedom of time in their lives as well.

During the past 18 months, I have purchased hundreds of notes alongside my students. I credit this success to the mission of my mentorship program, which is “Creating Colleagues, One Student at a Time”. You can read more about my mentorship program in ‘Real Estate Note Investing Mentorship.' (Amazon Best Seller).

I am offering an upcoming 2 DAY LIVE NOTE INVESTING FUNDAMENTALS WORKSHOP on July 26-27, 2019 (Fri/Sat) and August 2-3 (Fri/Sat). This workshop will reveal everything you need to know in order to establish a turnkey Note Business for yourself. The workshops sell out quickly due to the limited spots available (usually capped out at 10 people). Don’t miss your opportunity, sign up TODAY!

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Note Investing Fundamentals Workshop - August 2nd & 3rd

Now is the time to invest in yourself and take control of your life. Find financial freedom and long-term cash flow with real estate Note Investing.

Note investing can be complicated. Make sure you are setup for success. Learn the fundamentals of Note Investing and get the resources you need to launch and grow your business at my Note Investing Fundamentals Workshop.

At this 2-Day LIVE workshop, you’ll receive:

·        Step-by-step instruction on sourcing ‘off the street’ notes

·        Access to all my strategies and note vendors so you begin note investing like a professional

·        Comprehensive instruction on my 3-step process for performing due diligence on notes

·        My complete system for turning non-performing notes into long term cash flow assets

BONUS: As part of the workshop, you’ll receive access to my Resource Library with over $5,800 in agreements, forms and templates!

100% NO UPSELLING! You’ll receive the knowledge and resources to start your note business immediately.

My workshops are normally caped out at 10 attendees. Don’t miss your chance, find financial freedom and learn how to build a new income stream with notes by registering today!

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