Spending Time with Steve Lloyd of Stonebay Holdings

I met Steven Lloyd in 2013 at a Note Event in Philly and he told me to call him on his cell phone. I asked him if he was worried too many people would be blowing up his phone. He told he wasn’t worried because most people won’t pick up the phone to make a call that could change their life. That conversation stuck with me.

Fast forward to 2018 at the NJ DME Show with, and I see Steven Lloyd in action:

1) Steve spends Friday evening with me and my students giving valuable tips on RAISING CAPITAL
2) Steve spends an hour with me one-on-one Saturday before his Keynote speech to discuss his passion for TRAINING and RAISING CAPITAL
3) Steve crushed it as a Keynote speaker on the topic of RAISING CAPITAL
4) Steve makes rounds around the exhibit tables all weekend
5) Steve and I talk on Monday to follow up on our discussion

Steve was one of many reasons why the NJ DME with Marc Gold and Matt Allan was the best show I’ve ever attended. I don’t mention this exchange to be boastful but rather to communicate the below points:

1) Steven Lloyd is an honorable man who is committed to helping others. His success reflects this.
2) RAISING CAPITAL starts with your elevator pitch. It needs to be clear and concise.
3) RAISING CAPITAL requires transparency with the investors…would you show a prospect your bank account?
4) You should have open lines of communication with your investors. For example, when they call you Sunday afternoon, you pick up the phone.
5) RAISING CAPITAL requires confidence. People are looking to see that you are confident in your offering