Interview with Matthew Merenoff on Short Sale Negotiations & Settlements

I am one of the leading experts in short sale negotiations and settlements. With over fifteen years’ experience in the real estate industry, I have gained a vast network of support from all aspects of the business which support my success. With a start in the industry as the Director of a national FSBO program, I quickly learned about the struggles of the “typical homeowner”. Having led that program through four years of rapid growth, I decided to switch gears and work with those homeowners that were facing the uncertainty of their loan futures. I have a personal motto I work with and that is to treat each case, each file as though it is a family member. My wife lost her family home to foreclosure when she was in college. The devastation of this on her and her family is certainly a driving force behind my motivation in this industry. I have gone on to write two workbooks on short sales and have taught over fifty seminars. Since late 2014 I have switched my company in another direction yet again with my nationwide campaign to education homeowners who might want to keep their family home. Foreclosure prevention is big on the list these days along with short sales, loan modifications and settlements have been a huge part in my day to day business. Most people in the field really are not educated enough to understand what needs to be accomplished to give homeowners a fighting chance in the end to really know the options they have.