Note Investing Fundamentals – Dedicated Workshop

Note Investing Fundamentals – Dedicated Workshop


Note Investing Fundamentals – DEDICATED 2 DAY WORKSHOP
Setting up a Note Investing Business requires knowing the fundamentals and having all the resources you need to get started. Otherwise, the learning curve can be costly and time-consuming. That’s why I created the Note Investing Fundamentals Workshop and it has led to many investors building sustainable businesses for themselves. You can find many of their stories in my latest book titled Real Estate Note Investing Mentorship.

At this 2-Day Dedicated Workshop, you’ll receive:

– Step-by-Step Instruction on Sourcing Notes at Wholesale Pricing

– Learn my 3-Step Process for Performing Due Diligence on Notes while being given all the vendors and resources to begin vetting notes like a professional

– Receive my Complete System for Turning Non-Performing Notes into Cash Flow Assets for many years to come.

– 100% NO UP SELLING so you can be confident you’re getting what you need to begin your note investing business the next day

BONUS: Receive the Resource Library- Cost $895

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