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Welcome to Note Investing Made Easier where you can invest in real estate without buying property. As a mortgage note investor, I don’t have to worry about bad tenants, high maintenance costs or vacancy issues. Note investing allows me to invest in real estate without ever buying the property. Plus, it has created a 30-year income stream for myself and my family.




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Episode Blogs

Staying Relevant In The Note Investing Space with Fred Moskowitz

  With a lengthy career in the note investing space, Fred Moskowitz doles out some tidbits of wisdom that he’s gained over the years. The opportunities to scale up exponentially and the number of vendors that can service every need are just some of the advantages that Fred finds in...Read More

Note Investing Is About Building Wealth Slowly with Nathan Turner

  The note industry has changed so much over the last ten years. Martin Saenz interviews The Canadian Note Guy Nathan Turner on what it takes to be a successful note investor over a long period of time. Nathan is the owner and President of Earnest Inc. He entered the...Read More

How To Start Investing In Notes with Joshua Andrews

  How can you make the most profit from notes? Joshua Andrews, CFO of Notable Capital Fund, talks about his book, Paper Profits, about buying and profiting from notes. Taking us into his journey, Joshua talks about how he got into investing in notes and what influenced him to grow his business and...Read More

Growing Your Note Business: Keeping Your Eye On The Goal with Dan Mitchell

  Growing your note business quickly in less than a year may seem impossible, especially if you have a full-time day job. In this episode, Dan Mitchell, the owner of New Start Notes LLC, proves that it is possible to scale your note business if you have the excitement to reach...Read More

Note Investing Hustle: Staying On Top Of The Game with Joe Robert

  Note investing requires hustle as you will be in charge of various roles in the business. You’ve got to track the people, the pricing, the loan sourcing, among many things. You also have the option to diversify beyond the note space. Joe Robert, the Co-Founder, and CEO of Silver...Read More

Fuquan Bilal on Building Strategic Partnerships For Real Estate Success

  Being in the real estate business is daunting enough, doing it alone is even more so. Fuquan Bilal, the Founder and CEO of NNG Capital Fund, talks about making connections and building strategic partnerships so you don’t have to do everything by yourself. Fuquan has had eighteen years of...Read More

Dealing With Sellers In The Note Investment Space with Sandor Lau

  There are indeed so many ways to get paid in notes just as long as you know how to be resourceful and how to network. Sandor Lau, the Founder of Noted Financial, shares his journey through the note investment industry and how he started his own company. Sandor is...Read More

Hustling For Notes: Succeeding In The Business With Less Hassle with Michael Soliz, Jr.

  Note investing requires a lot of information digestion and regular hustle. Michael Soliz, Jr. of One Oak Advisory shares some note investment know-how on how to succeed in the business with less hassle. The industry involves a lot of complexities, especially when dealing with people who are non-compliant with...Read More

Podio: Organization And Information Tracking Made Easy with Alira Morstadt

  Podio is indeed very useful for business people. With note investment, it provides one-click access for everything on your e-file. Note investor Alira Morstadt teaches us how to use Podio, a CRM system that is designed to make tracking your leads and sales as lightweight and easy as possible....Read More

Bob Repass on Seller Financing And The Seller Finance Coalition

  Seller financing brings numerous benefits to sellers especially when they want to get huge returns on investment for their property. Bob Repass from Colonial Funding Group shares his history in the real estate business including how he got into the notes space and seller financing industry. Bob is a...Read More

The Keys To Note Investing Success with Alira Morstadt

  The notes investment industry can be tricky especially when you are still starting out. Alira Morstadt of AM Squared Investment Group talks about her first year as a full-time note investor and how she has progressed through the years. Creating strong relationships in the note industry is the key...Read More

Madison Management: Streamlining The Note Investing Process with Kevin Cordell

  Loans are the root of note investing. For someone who doesn’t know the ins and outs of mortgages, property taxes, insurance, and other processes that revolve around them, there are loan servicing companies that could help with the different administrative tasks involved. Kevin Cordell of Madison Management explains the...Read More